Why should I call an attorney?

The problem with trying to take care of legal matters on your own is that you never know whether you’ve done them well. You may find out too late that you could have done better. Legal issues, such as personal injury, accidents, and workers’ compensation, have life long implications and life long costs. They are important to your future and deserve serious attention.

Call Mike McElvain when…

  • You have been in an accident.
  • You have been injured on the job.
  • You want to know that your case is being taken seriously.
  • You want to receive the money to which you are entitled.
  • You want to have some peace of mind about your case.

A personal injury case is one example of the need for good legal advice. You’ll receive more money in your pocket by working with an attorney than you can get on your own when dealing with the insurance company after a personal injury accident.

Free Consultation

It costs nothing to find out whether you can benefit from legal assistance. Just call Mike McElvain’s office at (309) 828-3340. The initial consultation is free. You’ll get peace of mind about the legal matter which is facing you. You will work directly with an attorney you can trust. You’ll know that Mike will fight for your legal rights, and you will receive a better settlement.

Aggressive Litigation

Mike McElvain is an aggressive litigator on behalf of his clients. He has 40 years of courtroom experience in Central Illinois including trial and appeal work before the Fourth District Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Mike McElvain limitd hid practice to:

  • Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Accidents
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Accessibility
  • Insurance Claims

When you agree to have Mike McElvain take your case, Mike will be working directly with you on the case. There isn’t another associate who will be assigned to you later.

Your questions are always welcome. When you have questions about your case, contact Mike McElvain’s office. If he isn’t available at that time, leave a message and he will return your call or send you the information you requested as soon as possible.

There may be a great deal of behind the scenes work going on even though you haven’t heard from Mike. Feel free to check on the progress of your case and call to give him any information you receive or have which you feel is important to the case. You will receive reports as the case progresses.

Legal Fees

Two methods are commonly used to establish the costs for working on a legal case.

With contingency fee, your legal bill will be based on the amount of recovery Mike gets for you. If you don’t recover, there is no fee. The only money owed after an unsuccessful litigation is the cost advanced in the prosecution of the case.

The other is the time-charge method. Fees under this method are based on an hourly rate for services rendered. You will receive a detailed, itemized bill showing all applicable charges on your case. The billing schedule is worked out at the time you begin work on the case. The bill is due monthly and is not dependent on results.

Sometimes a retainer is required in order to process your case. Mike will keep you advised of how your retainer is used during the case.

Litigation costs and out-of-pocket expenses must also be paid to prepare your legal matter. Copies of accident reports, physician reports and title searches are some examples of expenses which are incurred during legal cases. Mike will give you an estimate of those charges which may apply to your case and you can then either pay a retainer to cover these costs at the beginning of the case, or have them come out of your settlement (when you are working on a contingency basis). You will be advised of all the charges on a regular basis.

Conflict of Interest

Mike McElvain represents no insurance companies or major employers. However, if he discovers that he is representing another client in the community, and working on your case would cause a┬áconflict of interest, he will notify you immediately and withdraw from any pending matter. You will be fully informed of the reason why he cannot continue with the case. Your records will be forwarded to another attorney of your choice as soon as you notify Mike’s office to do so.