Personal Injury

Injuries create both health and financial issues. You need professional services to properly address your health care. The financial consequences of your injury need similar professional assistance. Mike McElvain has been assisting clients in resolving the financial injuries that result from physical injuries. His clients always receive more than they would have if they tried to settle the claim themselves. He is an aggressive litigator for those who have been injured.

You need Mike McElvain as your attorney

Mike will explain how much money you can expect to receive for your injury under the law once he is familiar with your case.

He will evaluate your claim and explain it in plain terms you can understand. o You will make an informed decision about your case, then he will negotiate with the insurance companies, handle the paperwork, arrange for hearings, and try your case if necessary, to get fair payment. o Without a lawyer you cannot file a claim if the insurance company offer does not seem fair to you.

There are no up-front fees to hire Mike as your attorney.

The usual fee for personal injury cases is known as “1/3 contingent fee”. If there is a recovery (settlement), Mike receives 1/3 of that amount as the legal fee at the conclusion of your case. If there is no recovery, you pay no fee. All expenses for medical records which need to be requested from doctors or hospitals are paid in advance by the Mike’s office and these expenses are deducted from your share of the final settlement.

When you hire Mike as your attorney, he will work with you on your case.

Keep Mike informed about any treatment changes your doctor prescribes.

Get well and return to work as soon as your doctor says you are physically able to do so. Describe your condition to your physician as accurately as possible and follow the doctor’s advice.

Once treatment is complete and you have been released for your doctor’s care, call Mike and you can begin the final settlement procedures. Nothing can be concluded until your medical care is complete.

Mike will conclude your case when:

  • The doctor has released you from care or allows you to return only as needed.
  • You have started back to work or it has been determined that you can no longer work.
  • Your medical records and work wage loss records are obtained.
  • You and Mike have thoroughly discussed the case and you agree upon a settlement amount.

Mike McElvain is the best choice for your personal injury case.

  • Mike will help you understand the claim process.
  • He collects the pertinent information from the doctors and hospitals on your behalf.
  • He aggressively pursues a fair settlement through the courts, if necessary.
  • He wants you to receive a fair compensation for your injury.
  • Most of all, you will feel better by knowing the legal, insurance, medical records, and financial parts of your injury claim are under control.
  • Mike takes the “guessing and hoping” out of personal injury claims.